Welcome Aboard the Vlotburg

Who isn’t fascinated by the Middle Ages, a time of castles, knights and damsels in distress? Children’s eyes light up whenever they hear stories about the adventurous deed of knights in shining armor. Yet, life was not always as glamorous as it may seem. Have you ever wondered about the daily lives of knights, maidens and kings?

Visit our traveling museum and experience the Middle Ages up close, in a completely unique and exciting way. Vlotburg

All our exhibits and period displays are housed in a completely renovated, 50 meter long inland ship and you may visit whenever we are docked in one of the many cities we travel between.

We have an extensive collection of artifacts and displays and the ship itself has been transformed into a floating castle!

So journey with us back in time to the Middle Ages. Explore firsthand how people lived, see what they wore, learn about what they ate and how food was obtained and prepared. Experience the magic of time travel and discover the fascinating world of life in the Middle Ages.

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