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Museum Vlotburg in Alkmaar starts on 10.02. till 24.04.2024
Discover the Middle Ages aboard Museumship Kasteel Vlotburg.

We are located opposite the Police Station, on the Kanaalkade.

And come right away and enjoy shopping in the city center and see the history of the city, canals, Piet's Mill, canal cruise, etc.

There are also special school class and group arrangements, possibly with tour. Please call for info.

Alkmaar is located in a crossroads of waterways, therefore tolls and delivery excise had to be paid for transporting goods. Because of the market and commerce, Alkmaar soon became a regional center, and the city grew. The street pattern was determined by land changes over the centuries. Starting in 1525, much money was spent building fortress walls with canals to protect the city from attacks and looting from outside.

In 1573, Alkmaar was attacked by the Spanish. The city used boiled tar and burning branches, which it threw down from the new fortress walls, to fight the Spaniards who had set up camp in Oudorp. The moment when Don Frederik, ( Alfa's son) retreated was the turning point in the fight against the Spaniards. Victory begins in Alkmaar.

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From 1600, Alkmaar, a commercialële city with its own fleet, developed a market and a supply center for a wider area. Salt and barley were very important to the city. Salt mining mines and breweries began to spring up on the sandbanks of Voormeer and the Zeglis. Lime tree production provided strong lime that was used for masonry, also there were many rope makers who made rope from flax.

 ‘Victory began in Alkmaar’. This proverb refers to one of the most famous event in the history of Alkmaar; the victory over the Spaniards in 1573. The legacy of this rich and illustrious past is still present in the cozy city center. The canals with their beautiful drawbridges, the variety of historical buildings, the peaceful gardens, the old façades and the narrow shopping streets give the center of Alkmaar a special atmosphere. It is therefore no coincidence that Alkmaar is the second largest shopping city in the Netherlands.

Over time Alkmaar has developed into an attractive average city with many inhabitants, work and recreational facilities. The strengths of Alkmaar are the attractive residential environments in the neighborhoods, each with its own character, and the variety of economic activity offering all kinds of services. The people of Alkmaar are proud of ‘their’Canadaplein a vibrant new cultural location where five major cultural organization are present with a wide pallet of exhibitions,theater, art, music,books and media. Alkmaar is also a popular destination for tourists. Of course there is the cheese market, which attracts thousands of people from all over the world, but also the beach and the capital are nearby. Alkmaar, cheese, beach and culture.

Source: Wikipedia and Google Maps